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2014 Annual General Meeting

May 24, 2014, 2pm Bras D’Or Yacht Club

Call to Order and introductions

Approval of Agenda

Approval of 2013 Minutes

Chairman’s Report Bruce Morrison

Administrative/ Treasure’s Report Tanis Delaney

Mooring Master Report Paul Harvey

Nominations and election of Board Members

New Business

A) Items to add to the Management Plan:

i) Unused Mooring Space Assignment: Mooring space assignments unused for one calendar year shall be reviewed by the mooring board and may be revoked and reassigned. A vessel owned by the Permit Holder and assigned to the mooring space, except for holders of shorefront property owners’ mooring granted in accordance with this ordinance, must be on the mooring for at least fourteen (14) days during the season and the Permit Holder shall be responsible for ensuring that the Mooring Master is aware that the vessel is on the mooring during the fourteen days. Failure to use the mooring as specified in this subsection shall constitute non-use of the mooring.

ii) Temporary (One Season) Mooring List: Mooring holders (except for holders of shorefront property owners’ mooring granted in accordance with this ordinance) who know that they will not be occupying their mooring for a season are urged to place their mooring on the Temporary Mooring List so that it can be used. The Application for Harbour Permit Renewal has provisions to list mooring on the Temporary List. A Mooring Holder who is not using their mooring and pays their usage fees annually may retain rights to a mooring for up to 2 years while listing it on the Temporary Mooring List even if no one from the List uses it. Mooring riggings will be inspected and maintained by the temporary assignees during their occupancy. Applicants already on the Mooring Waiting List and wishing to be included on the Temporary Mooring List shall be listed in chronological order on “a first come first served “basis.

B) Changing the definition and duties of the Mooring Holder


. Please keep in mind ALL INSPECTION ARE DUE EVERY YEAR, JULY 31 IS THE DEAD LINE. This is our only reminder.

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