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The Baddeck Mooring Authority, a volunteer organization mandated to administer the licensing of moorings within Baddeck Harbour, is seeking the services of a Mooring Master.  It is a part time position with most of the work being done in preparation for and during the summer boating season.  This person should have a keen desire to promote the use of Baddeck Harbour as a boating destination.  Local knowledge of the area, boating regulations and Baddeck Harbour is an asset.



  1. The major duties expected of this paid position are as follows:


  1. Acts as the Liaison between the Mooring Holders and the Board


  1. Assists the Board of Directors in the assignment of new sites


  1. The Mooring Master will make arrangements with the new Mooring Holders to position their mooring with the use of G.P.S. coordinates, which will be provided.


  1. Inspection of mooring grid from May to October, making sure boats are on the correct mooring, dealing with Mooring holders’ issues, example; infringement of one boat on to another.


  1. Responsible for compliance related administration, including written correspondence to Mooring Holders which are then given to the Secretary, for distribution or direct email by the Mooring Master.


  1. Attend all meetings as called by the Board of Directors and submit all required information in report form.


  1. Year End mooring report given at the Annual General Meeting


  1. Keeps a record of expenses and ensures paperwork is up to date



  1. Report any conflicts and/or safety concerns and issues that you are aware of immediately to the Chairperson of the Board.Document the concerns/issues and submit to the Board at the next called meeting.




Deadline: June 15 2022


Interested applicants can contact the Baddeck Mooring Authority in writing at the address below or by email to


P.O.  BOX 652


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